• Our all natural quartz, crystal, and glass cleaner will remove dirt, oils, and natural resins with ease. Quartz Qlean is 99% ethanol alcohol, so its all natural and eco friendly unlike synthetic isopropyl alcohol which is harmful to the environment.

What is Quartz Qlean?

Superior Cleaning

It's just corn

While Isopropyl is made from fossil fuels (the cause of most negative environmental production), Ethanol is a a naturally produced renewable resource. It's even been said it could reduce emissions by 30%.

Isopropyl is also extremely toxic to aquatic life and fish are pretty cool. Don't be mean to fish. Support Quartz Qlean.

Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution AVAILABLE NOW!

Want to carry our product in your shop and distribution? Shoot us over an email at quartzqlean@gmail.com and we will happily send you any and all information you may need to add our amazing product to your shelves!